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Using This Book

I trust that you will use this book as a source of blessings for your life and for the lives of those you love. You also may carry in you the clay of the Celts or live your life as if everything is a blessing from the Creator. If this concept is new for you, I hope that this book will inspire you to open your eyes, your ears, your heart to the wonders of creation, of relationships, of adventures that surround you daily.

As I write this book, I imagine your hands thumbing through these pages, reading slowly, letting the words sink deeply into your heart.

I imagine you finding just the right blessing for a need you are having or marking pages to share with a friend. I envision you writing the much-needed blessing for a friend who is having a hard time or who has lost a loved one.

I picture you stopping in the middle of a walk to watch the slow progression of an ant carrying a leaf across your path. Or running outside to watch the beauty of a sunset. I imagine you, your eyes wide open, taking a photo of a spring flower, or, in the early morning, writing in your heart a blessing for a new day.

Let yourself enter this world of blessings and gratitude, of praise and pilgrimage. May you find yourself blessed by these pages whether you are new to this path or already live in a world surrounded by the ordinary experiences that mark the way through an ordinary life.

May you be blessed this day. And may you walk gently into the day, ready to see blessings all around you.