Chapter Overviews

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Chapter 1

Through the Day:
Celebrating God’s Presence in Each Moment

“Through the Day” includes prayers that celebrate God’s presence in each moment of the day, from waking to sleeping.

Chapter 2

Holy Moments:
Celebrating the Gifts of Life

The chapter “Holy Moments” encompasses a variety of prayers that acknowledge the richness of life’s gifts—the love of pets, the ritual of morning coffee (or your favorite morning beverage), the holy gift of discovering a bird’s nest. This chapter includes one of Beth’s favorite forms of blessing, “Bless to me” prayers.

Chapter 3

Journeying Through a Year

The chapter “Seasons” contains prayers that mark our journeys through each year from New Year’s Day through Christmas.

Chapter 4

Special Moments

“Passages” contains prayers for special moments in our lives such as births, marriages, and graduations.

Chapter 5

Heart Prayers
Blessing the World

“Heart Prayers” are blessings of the world and its people.

Chapter 6

The Struggling Times
Facing Illness, Loss, and Grief

In the chapter “The Struggling Times,” Beth has written blessings for the many stages of hurt, illness, grief, and death that we face as we walk through life.

Chapter 7

God Is In
Celebrating Presence

The book closes with an acknowledgment that “God Is In” our spirits, our relationships, our communities, our world. God is in each of us, and we are grateful.

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